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After two years of individual world record attempts, multiple world champion Bjorn Dunkerbeck (T1/North) and current world record holder Finian Maynard (F2/Naish) will finally clash for the coveted sailing barrier of 50-knots at the world?s premier speedsailing location in Saintes Maries de la Mer, France.

The event is slated to run from October 26th until December 20th 2005, two WSSRC periods in the hope of capturing the perfect day to extend windsurfing?s current hold on the outright world record which currently stands at 48.70-knots or 91km/h, an average speed over 500 meters.

Other notable sailors in attendance include British record holder Dave White (Tabou/Severne, 44.03), French record holder David Garrel (F2/North, 45.51) and women?s 2004 PWA racing champion Allison Shreeve (F2/Neil Pryde), who is aiming to surpass Karin Jaggi?s 41.25-knot world record set in April this year.

Also looking to make an appearance between his other autumn commitments is Antoine Albeau (AHD/Neil Pryde), who will be a force on the Canal. The returning sailors include Martin van Meurs (Van den Berg, Naish), Francesco D?Urso (Swell/Neil Pryde), Henrik Klagges (Gaastra) and Jean-Baptiste Gautier (Space Dog), all keen to continue their Canal legacies. Newcomers Massimo Masserini (F2/Gaastra) and Markus Poeltenstein (Fanatic/Neil Pryde) are searching for national record glory.

The final three places we are awaiting confirmation from several sailors and we will release their names once they have committed to the event.



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